Wednesday, September 14, 2005

10 Things You Need to Know About Men

I was casually reading Redbook Magazine tonight and came across an article that cracked me up. Written by a sex columnist named Anka Radakovich, here in a nutshell, are her 10 intriguing discoveries about men. I'm paraphrasing what she says (don't want to take away her credit but you can find the true article in the Oct. 2005 mag).

(I love men, don't understand them, they drive me crazy, and I thought you'd get a kick out of this).

  1. Men can't resist the tease - In other words he loves to be visually stimulated through strip teases; one thing can definitely lead to another.
  2. Men are big kids and proud of it - No matter how old they get, don't they resort to childish behaviour. Cute, but childish? They like buying toys -- so they can play with them instead of handing the toys over to their children.
  3. Men can't help but stare at other women - I guess this is good, if you're a woman that likes to be the center of attention. Being admired by ogling eyes is good for the ego - and yes, married men will stare you down too so don't be shocked. And they probably enjoy being stared at too -- as long as the stare doesn't say "Eww you are so gross." The article states that even male gorillas stare at female gorillas. So staring females down just comes naturally I guess. So if you catch a man staring at you, just say, "Eww you remind me of a gorilla" and watch him give you a blank look.
  4. Men would love to cheat - Now I believe this one. Most men want a wife and an affair. Isn't that ideal? They would be willing to cheat more as long as they are guaranteed not to get caught. Well, who wouldn't want this? Surprisingly, some men just won't be interested even if given the perfect opportunity.
  5. Men are perverts - Hmm. Pervert. Sexually freaky. Secretly unhibited. FREAKS.
  6. Men want us to worship them - Okay, this is true, even if the guy screws up big time, he wants you to think he is a genius. In other words, LIE!
  7. Men love oral sex - I guess men want their fairshare of the good times too, huh?
  8. Men don't take hints - Now this is the one thing I know for a fact. I don't care how old the man is, what kind of degree he has, has many sisters he has, he is going to be very dumb when it comes to taking a hint. You will get very discouraged if you try to slyly suggest something to a man and expect him to get it. In other words, do yourself a favor-S P E L L it out. Otherwise you are wasting your time and he'll wonder why you have such a rotten attitude. It's maddening but reality. They just don't get it sometimes.
  9. Men love their penises - Hmm, maybe this fascination starts when they're toddlers and are discovering different body parts. And I don't care how small the man is, he thinks he has it going on. Sometimes attitude and confidence make up for other shortcomings huh?
  10. Men don't get Valentine's Day - most men won't get it. They underestimate the importance of a woman feeling valued through him going out of his way to buy her a card, flowers, box of candy, etc. A man thinks it's silly but a woman takes his gestures as a measure of his thoughtfulness and concern about her. I've seen so many men, with frowns on their faces, scouring the greeting card aisle every Feb. 14th - and he's probably buying a card so he won't have to hear his wife (or girlfriend, or mistresses) mouth.


ByeBye said...

Well allllrighty, finally someone truly understand the needs of a MAN.... lol I was cracking up over here reading about myself and my brothas lol.

Good post I like reading about me. J/K woohoo she hit the target.

CydneyR said...

We don't understand ya'll, you drive women nuts, but we love you just the same. LOL. And I'm finding out that most thoughts that women have about men can be proven wrong. We think we know them, but we just don't.

ByeBye said...'re right and one thing I've come to realize, men just don't know women either.

its true men are from mars and women are from venus.

Stacy-Deanne said...

This was funny, Cyd. It must be very true too because I've heard this tons of times before about men. I also know that men buy expensive cars and things not simply because they like them but because they know WOMEN like them. You have to give them some credit though, we drive them to distraction because we hold the key...uh, that sex appeal and that special component that makes a woman a woman that drives them weak with need for us. LOL! And that's how we hold the power! Keep the men whipped and begging like babies, LOL! About the cheating, I know some men AND women cheat a lot (it takes two to tango) but I find it comforting that more men these days say they wouldn't cheat due to morals and diseases. There is a new breed of more responsible guys who have left their doggish ' brothers ' in the background. The dogs have given good men a bad name and I think a lot of the good ones work harder to prove they aren't like the others. So in support of them, I know for a fact there are many good men. But basically, women don't understand men and men don't understand us. And finally Cyd, after all this time I think it was meant to be that way. (shrugging). Thanks for sharing this!

Shelia said...

Men are some complicated creatures. said...

Hi Cydney,

Yeah this was cute. As I'm sure you know these 10 things do not apply to all men and all men are different.

I discovered your Blog while researching the web for Black book web sites. I thought your listing of author Blogs was a good idea.

I see you are doing a lot with the web. I think I'm going to call you the "Queen of the Web" in my next newsletter -- you have contributed in a terrifc fashion to the digital landscape.


CydneyR said...

Hi Troy,

Glad that you discovered the blog. You are too kind - I'm speechless. :)

Ok, just dropped in for a sec. Let me go finish looking at one of my favorite movies "UNFAITHFUL" starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

Anonymous said...

This is so true...I guess now we can understand how to have a better relation ship with