Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I've Been Tagged About Writing

Author Nikki Woods (Easier Said Than Done) tagged me about my writing/reading life. My assignment is to provide interesting facts about this aspect of my life.


  1. I always have a Super Thesarus right next to me whenever I write.
  2. For me a lot of the writing involves thinking. Hearing dialogue in my head, pondering characters.
  3. I'm probably one of the few folks that doesn't go by that 'write every day' motto.
  4. I like writing very early, 5am, when it's totally quiet in the house.
  5. There's definitely an inner critic that likes to follow me around and whisper things in my ear.
  6. I never try to be like someone else. Like in the early days I would pretend like I was so-and-so. What would he do if he were writing this scene? Trust me, it doesn't work, trying to be someone else. So from now on, I'm just me. I write how I write, allow what is inside to come out, and know that I can only be the best Cydney Rax; that's my job.
  7. I typically do not listen to music while writing a boo, especially when doing the first draft.
  8. It takes me two years to work on projects. I'll have an idea years before I actually get to write the book; I have never 'thrown' a book together.
  9. When I write I feel like a reader, not a writer, meaning I am surprised, disgusted, intrigued by my characters' actions, just like a reader would be.


  1. Man oh man, the year 2005 has been the year that I DIDN'T read alot of books. In past years, I could get to 3-4 books per month. Now it's like one book every few months. This year has been incredibly busy, distracting, difficult for me to concentrate. Awful. Once I finish up on my 2nd novel (My Husband's Girlfriend) I plan to read quite a few books in late December early January.
  2. You know, even though I don't read a lot of novels, nothing keeps me from newspapers and magazines. I love Essence, Today's Black Woman, Sister2Sister, Charisma, US Weekly, People (Love entertainment news), Jet, Ebony, Writer's Digest, etc.
  3. Sometimes I avoid reading other people's manuscripts because 8 times out of 10 they have written a scene or have character names that are identical to mine and I don't want anyone to think I'm copying their idea.
  4. I miss the good old days of reading, when I was discovering some of the authors that are now quite successful. I miss going to this black bookstore called Main Street Books, when I first grew hip to black novels. I felt so very excited, like I walked right into heaven, just looking at the books with wide eyes and happy to know that there were a lot of black authors out there that I didn't know about.
  5. I get tired of reading my own material. When you write books and work on them for months and years, by the time it comes out, your mind is really focused on the NEXT book.


Rose said...

Some of these are my sentiments exactly......

McKenna Jeffries said...

Great food for thought.


Michelle said...

I knew I liked you for a reason! Great writers think alike! HEE!

Happy holidays, girlie!

Stacy-Deanne said...

It's funny how writers seem to be the same, Cyd. You and I are just alike. I looooove writing in the wee hours of the day too. It is very quiet. My neighborhood has gotten noisy so I have to wear earplugs just to get some peace. The only difference is that while you read magazines, I only read Reader's Digest. I don't read any other magazines. I can't stand that celebrity/fashion/gossip stuff. I'm not putting it down for others but it doesn't hold my interest. I don't give two cents about some spoiled celebrity and what stupid name they've come up for their newborn baby, LOL. Give me a magazine with some substance. I read novels big time. I read novels like people eat food. I just finished Azucar Moreno, Shelley Halima's book. I loved it! The latest book I'm reading or TRYING to read is by one of my favorite authors but it is quite disappointing. Ooops, I strayed off topic. LOL, anyway we're about the same when it comes to writing and reading.

Rose said...

Happy New Years!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year! Hope 2006 is off to a good start!