Sunday, March 26, 2006

I don't know much about, but I just wanted to send a shout out to those folks that set up shop on that website -- and who have also mentioned My Daughter's Boyfriend as a book they've read and/or recommend. I really LOVE seeing my mentioned book on these personal sites, but I have no way to thank the people unless I join/sign up/create an account, and that's not about to happen. LOL. Sooooooooo thanks for making me smile. My readers always sprinkle some sunshine my way. Kisses to ya!! ---cydney rax


Bridget Perkins said...

Myspace is one of the best new, free publicity/networking vehicles out there. I highly recommend it for authors and musicians.

If you don't want to set up an account, do you mind delegating the responsiblity to your fans?

A fan club page would be a great start, but I think a personal page might be worth its weight in gold. I'm sure it could be customized so you don't feel overwhelmed, or that you're neglecting your supporters. And you don't even have to do a blog. (Or you could "double dip" with your blog entries as appropriate)

Though it's only 5 minutes to set up, it's worth researching a little more or talking to your webmaster about. (Especially if positioning/branding is important to you.)

Well, that's my shameless plug! You're loved and respected for whatever you decide to do :)


CydneyR said...

Hello Bridget,
I really appreciate the info. This is all very new to me but it sounds quite intriguing. :)

Stacy-Deanne said...

I'm on My's the bomb! Check out my new ITL interview with actress Terricka Baskin if you get the chance.

Shelia said...

It was scary to me at first, but I decided to get a page setup. It's a good networking tool. I have my entertainment blog setup on myspace. Check it out when you get a chance.

Frederick Smith said...

I'm not really into the whole Myspace thing either, but an enthusiastic reader/fan of my book set one up on my/the book's behalf. I look at it from time to time, and surprisingly I have 89 friends/fans/whatevers. It's kinda fun(ny) and cool to see how the space is used.

Now... as long as they keep it accurate, honest, and tasteful I'm cool with it. Maybe one of your fans will start one for/about your books.

CydneyR said...

Hey, it's been a while since I've posted on -- been really busy and am currently gearing up for the launch of book #2 -- MY HUSBAND'S GIRLFRIEND, which drops on Nov. 7, 2006.

Also, for those of you who weren't aware, I now am on MySpace.

Visit me at

Let me know if you're on there too.

Ink said...

Good to know you're finally on Myspace. I was hesitant at first as well. But since my page launch, I've networked and collaborated on several production efforts and made a little change as well.

I'm a producer and run a production studio in Baton Rouge. My page is at and my blog is at

I will definitely check you out as well.