Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RECKLESS is one of the hottest African-American anthologies on the market in 2012


Available in trade paper, audio CD, and e-book formats.

Reckless showcases three of the finest writers in the street literature today: Cydney Rax, Niobia Bryant and Grace Octavia. Readers will be captivated by these thrilling tales of love, lust and betrayal. The anthology explores the choices a woman will make when faced with an indecent proposal: from desperate housewives with scandalous secrets to the life of a glamourous actress whose stardom is at stake.

Desperate Housewife by Cydney Rax

Carmen Foster thinks she has it all–a perfect house, kids, and marriage. Until she stumbles upon racy texts from her husband, Forrest, to his baby mama, Toni–who desperately wants Forrest back. Carmen is devastated and decides she can forgive Forrest if she just has an affair of her own. But when a scheming Toni gets involved and threatens to reveal Carmen’s secret, revenge takes an unexpected and explosive turn.

Sinful by Niobia Bryant

A psychologist specializing in addiction, Brie Bailey is surprised to find that her work is affecting her personal life in unexpected ways. For the first time, she has something to hide. And when her impulsive actions lead her into a web of danger, Brie finds herself losing control of everything. . .

L.A. Confidential by Grace Octavia

Stevie Silver, Black Hollywood’s sitcom sweetheart, is in for a run of very bad luck. Her conniving assistant, Kristine, has her sights on Stevie’s career–and on her T.V. producer husband. Kristine will do whatever it takes to win, from blackmail to seduction. But when a series of lies and betrayals comes to a head in the canyons behind the Hollywood sign, more than stardom is at stake. .

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